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Event : Live Wire

Date : 3 ~ 18 Nov 2018, 11am – 11pm

Location : Medan Pasar


Fairuz Sulaiman’s interdisciplinary practice covers digital and analogue visual formats that have been used as music videos, animation for short films, and moving visuals for stage. His methods include stop-motion, puppetry, 2D/3D animation, and live video mixing. He presented Laksamana Doremix (National Visual Arts Gallery, 2013), a hybrid wayang kulit and multimedia performance based on the famous P. Ramlee film, and a colour-tracking shadow puppetry performance (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, 2012). His visual work for various notable theatre directors include Zahim Albakri’s Tarap Man (2007), Nam Ron’s Tanda (2010), Loh Kok Man’s Arus Gangsa (2014), and Swordfish Then Concubine (2016) . As a recipient of The Japan Foundation Asia Center Fellowship Program 2015-16, he completed a research project on the usage of media in the performing arts in Japan, shadowing practitioners like Hiroshi Koike, Yoko Ando, and YCAM Interlab. In 2018, Fairuz together with his team staged Layang, a multimedia theatre performance based on the theme of isolation and displacement, partially funded with a grant awarded by the INXO Arts Fund.

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