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Date: 6 & 7 May 2017, 10:00am – 11:00pm

Location: Chinatown, Petaling Street

Ticket: Free Entry


Tiffin is taking over all your fav Chinatown F&B haunts in conjunction with Urbanscapes this year, simply to #REDISCOVERKL. From an underground party at The Berlin KL to gulping down some refreshing Jalan Sultan Durian Ice Blended at Leaf & Co, or just chilling at The Attic Bar’s BBQ party, we’ve got your Chinatown gastronomic adventure sorted for Urbanscapes. But, of course, Tiffin’s celebration of all things food and drink won’t be complete without our key ingredients – munching on exclusive Urbanscapes-themed nosh whilst enjoying special promotions from all participating eateries!

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Yum Cha Cafe

The Toast & Co.

The Berlin KL

The Attic Bar


Old China Cafe

Merchant's Lane

Leaf & Co. Cafe


Chocha Foodstore

Aku Cafe


Aku Cafe & Gallery

Aku Cafe & Gallery offers the perfect spot in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown neighbourhood to unwind and relax with a cup of aromatic coffee. Tucked away from the busy street of Jalan Sultan, the cafe is located on the first floor of a Chinese association’s building on Jalan Panggong (formerly known as Theatre Lane). It offers travellers, writers, artists, collectors, filmmakers and coffee connoisseurs a tranquil space to escape from their hectic schedule, at least for a few hours. Events related to music, films and food as well as art exhibitions are held from time to time for regulars who appreciate culture at a closer level.

Cafe etc.

Located along Jalan Tun H.S. Lee., Cafe etc. boasts a unique ambience and a hint of western touch in the heart of Chinatown. It is a great place with a cozy environment that serves a variety of affordable western food, salads, desserts and ultimately their located roasted coffees.

Chinatown Chowdown Event:

  1. Film Developing Workshop with Darkroom8 (6 & 7 May, 10am – 2pm)

Get hands on with Darkroom8 during Chinatown Chowdown weekend, as Yanheng Lee will guide you through black & white film developing workshop followed by scanning service! The workshop fees of  RM80 includes all tools, equipment and chemicals are provided by the conductor except your own negative films to be developed during the workshop. At the end of the workshop, the participant will collect his/her own hard and soft copy of the scanned films!

For more info & registration: https://www.facebook.com/Darkroom8/photos/a.355375944567284.1073741827.272213202883559/1082143351890536/?type=3&theater


Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:
1. Latte in Cone

Chocha Foodstore

An ambitious gem in the bustling streets of Chinatown, Chocha Foodstore aims to bring people together through the simple act of sitting and sharing a drink or two (or three). From their selection of wine, specialty teas to small plates of locally sourced food, Chocha Foodstore tries to reflect simplicity in what they offer.  

Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

  1. Chicken Yak with Turmeric Cream

Colony KL

Run by the innovative owners of Hoppers, Colony KL is one of the most anticipated eatery to launch in April this year. Serving a combination of Burmese, Sri Lankan & Indian culinary traditions with a solid Malaysian twist, Colony is the perfect choice to satiate your hunger pangs with its vibrant food selection.


Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

  1. Carrot and Nutmeg Lassi

– Alcoholic (with Whisky)

– Non alcoholic


The term “hoppers” refers to the popular Malaysian/Indian dish “appam” – a fermented rice pancake made with coconut milk. Managed by sisters, the pancakes have been given a contemporary transformation where dishes, both sweet and savoury, are served within the pancakes as opposed to on the side.

Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

  1. Carrot Cake Hopper

Leaf & Co. Cafe

Hidden in Chinatown lies an in-house cafe called Leaf & Co. The menu consists of both Western and Asian delights, interesting coffee adaptations like rose latte and coconut latte and ultimately, old-school kopitiam cups – fitting right into the heart of old KL.

Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

1) Jln Tun HS Lee Lemonade (Pink Limonade)

2) Jln Petaling Lemonade (Lemongrass Limonade) and more

LOKL Coffee Co.

Taking pride in being LOCAL – not just in terms of being Malaysian, but also in terms of the locale they’re in! Located proud and loud on the main road of Tun H.S. Lee, the neighbourhood of merchants selling coconuts to craft shops weaving rattan furniture – LOKL is housed in a bright airy space with an internal courtyard shared with BackHome Hostel. They serve piping hot coffee and hearty weekly menu, the local way.


Urbanscpaes Exclusive Menu:

  1. The Urbanscapes Burger

Merchant’s Lane

A modern take on the heritage of Petaling Street, Merchant’s Lane is a cafe and restaurant that sees the traversing of local charm and current culture. The over-the-counter tagline – ‘This Must Be The Place’, potentially distinguishes the café with a warm but rustic touch and serves a solid definition of comfort food.

Old China Cafe

Old China Café tries to maintain a semblance of the Chinese community’s old social life that will soon fade into history. They serve food that originates from the Baba Nonya communities of Malacca and Penang which features Malay spices as well as Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques. Be adventurous today and enjoy their culinary delights which you may not likely find elsewhere.


Housed in a pre-war shop, PS150 snakes around a tiny stationery shop and under the popular coffee shop, Merchant’s Lane to inhibit the least expected of places. The cocktails at PS150 draws from bold Southeast Asian flavours using distinct ingredients that are native to this part of the world. Expect the unexpected from obscure vermouths to local ginger wines – an adventurous tipple awaits the bold at PS150.

Chinatown Chowdown event:

  1. Petaling Street Warriors (6 May, 9pm – late)

Get ready for a Cocktail Showdown between our very own PS150’s Angel and guest shift 28 Hong Kong Street Bar’s Charmain Thio, where they will whip up 5 drinks respectively – get down to PS150 this 6 May to witness who wins the face-off!

Urbanscapes Exclusive Menu:

  1. The Red Fall
  • Ketel One Vodka, Spicy Mango Syrup, Pomegranate, Fresh Lime, Lemon Bitters
  1. Noble Mango
  • Diplomatico Mantuano Rum, DOM Benedictine, Mango Puree, Egg Yolk, Tiki Bitters

The Attic Bar

A first of its kind in Malaysia, The Attic Bar is a cocktail bar that is hidden on the rooftop of one of Chinatown’s hippest hostels. The way up to the Attic is an adventure to the drinker, going through old wooden stairs and rooms with an old Chinatown motif and climbing up an old school spiral staircase which whizzes you up to The Attic Bar.

Chinatown Chowdown Event:

  1. The Attic Bar BBQ Party (7 May 2017, 6pm – 2am)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/242691612804510/

Get down to The Attic Bar’s BBQ Rooftop Dinner Pass at only RM10! Join in with the backpackers and dig in the fest of free floor grilled chicken, sausages, and salad prepared by the Travel Hub KL crew. Experience a one of a kind BBQ in one of the best bars in Chinatown.

Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

1. Massam Manis

2. Lychee Tuak and more

The Berlin KL

The Berlin KL is a chilled out hidden bar in the heart of KL City. The bar borrows its concept from the raw and edgy streets of Germany’s capital city and also the history of a nation that has seen so much in the last century. Graffiti lines the walls of the establishment, while a red glow from the neon lights gives The Berlin KL an almost seedy but yet cool vibe.

Chinatown Chowdown Event:

  1. Berlinscapes! (6 May 2016, 10pm – 2am)

Kick off and celebrate Chinatown Chowdown on the first day of Urbanscapes at The Berlin KL with BERLINSCAPES – they’ll be having local favourites: Bad Mob (Bad KL) & Zul Amran playing Hip Hop, RnB, NuSkool, Trap, and Grime all night from 10pm – 2am. Enjoy Malaysian Long Island at just the price of RM10 only during the party!

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/497772743947310/

Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

1. Malaysian Long Island Tea

The Toast Co.

The Toast Co. Café is a charming vintage gem nestled in a century’s old building, namely, The Grocer’s Inn, next to Petaling Street. Their specialty, you wonder? Toast! Seven savouries and three sweet varieties to be exact, and a list of other hearty, homestyle meals. Everything at The Toast Co. is freshly prepared in their tiny in-house kitchen.

Exclusive Urbanscapes Menu:

1) Yasmin Ahmad Toast

2) Dato’ Nicol David Toast

Yum Cha Cafe

Yum Cha is a sophisticated café tinged with a local twist at the heart of Jalan Petaling. Aptly named Yum Cha, which means ‘drink tea’ in Cantonese, Yum Cha Café serves an array of very affordable quality tea, coffee and a good mix between western and local cuisine.